Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Fox Cowl I

I had originally thought about this cowl for Lady K.  She has gotten demoted on the list, so to speak.  Texter decided she wanted one first.  And I am making one for someone else's daughter.  But Texter did not want the 'fox' colors, but loved this color, Aspen Tweed, when I picked it out.  I call it my Tundra Fox Cowl.

The yarns I am using, Lion Brand Heartland and Lion Brand Hometown USA, are so soft and cushy and a dream to work with.  Texter snatched it from me the minute it was done and has been wearing it ever since.  Yes, indoors too.

Texter is my cold natured child and anything below 80 degrees is chilly to her.  She has been wearing it inside to keep her neck and head warm.  For some reason, her bedroom is colder than mine.  Bummer for me.

The Failynn Fox Cowl pattern is a dream to knit also.  The instructions are easy to read and simple.  This is a great pattern for curling up and watching TV while knitting.  Nothing to really involve a lot of attention, like a lace pattern would. And if you don't have to contend with a Lady K, it would only take a weekend (or less) to complete.

So one down and at least one more to go.

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