Friday, April 22, 2016

April Progress

Between the coughing and hacking and general funk, I have managed to start catching up on some of the projects I need to get done.

I finished up the fourth block for the Bee Hive Swap (it's the top left one).  So staying on track there.  Should be interesting once I get all the other blocks done.

I finished the blocks for the RSC16 for April.  Although I did do them slightly backwards, but it's still the same pinwheel effect.

Since I decided to make a wedge based on the monthly colors, I have kept up.  I think this will be a great circle of color which I will appliqué on a white background as a large throw.

But best of all, I have started on Harley.

It's all cut out and I have finished the top.  The really simple part.  I have the bustle, skirt, corset and hooded shrug left to do.  But it will go quickly - maybe.  I am zigzagging the seam edges to make the finish a bit more polished.  So we will see how it goes.  I also have to stitch in black on the black and red on the red where it shows on the outside.  So not really that simple a sew.  AND I have to make sure I have black on the correct side and red on the correct side throughout the costume, as it makes a big difference.

My knit and swirl sweater is going slowly.  Really slowly.  But getting there.  And the Sari scarf just needs fringe added.

So things are getting done....slowly.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

A Little Catch-Up

Spring has sprung and today is actually a rare, rainy day here in Helena.  Wish I was off work today, but maybe later...

Yesterday, I played a bit of catch-up on some stitching.

This is the mini-quilt for the Big Stitch Swap 2 I am participating in.  I used Hoffman's Digital Prints as the fabric for the front and quilted in a 1/2 inch grid.

Yesterday, I watched a couple of TV shows and stitched down the binding.

So here it is all finished.  I need to put a label on the back and get it ready to ship out in the next couple of days.

Another project I knocked out was my block for the Bee Hive group swap.

The April Queen wanted novelty animal fabric and bright yellow.  I realized just how little (as in none) yellow I actually had in my stash.  I didn't realize the yellow I picked was a reproduction print also, so the square has a very 'vintage' feeling.

I do have my pieces cut for the April RSC16 blocks and I made my color wedge (orange), but didn't take any pictures of it yet.

Well, off to the rain!