Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Planning and Plotting and Organizing

My list of projects is HUGE!  So what do I do?  I keep adding to it!  Isn't that what you are suppose to do?

I knew I had these projects coming up and now I will have space to sew on them, they have moved up on the 'list'.  Actually, two of them were only just released as patterns for the fall.  Texter saw them and has been haunting Joann's to them to arrive and the patterns to go on sale.  Frankly, paying $20 plus for a pattern is not in my budget.  But 99 cents each or 5/$7 is.  So I make a list and catch them on sale.  This is especially important since I usually buy both the large and small size in case I need to  make different costumes.

It's the same with the materials needed for the costumes.  For example, the blue Tardis outfit requires about 8 yards of fabric just for the dress.  It doesn't include the linings, etc. on the outfit.  The total yardage is about 14 yards.  So if I have to pay $13 a yard for fabric, already I am into triple digits.  But if I wait and watch, I can get a 40% off coupon or catch the fabric on sale and drop it back into something reasonable.  Also, this planning/plotting means I'm not sinking a huge amount at any one time into the outfit.

Now that I can plan and plot, I have my little notebook where I write all my 'requirements' down.  This way I can whip it out and when there is a sale on notions, for example, I can pull out my list and check it twice and buy what I need.  So soon, there will be a bin labeled 'cosplay' with my sewing stuff so I can dump it in there and know where everything is when I get ready to whip out an outfit.  (I also have to update measurements for the girls so I know I am using the correct pattern size.  Pattern size and ready-to-wear size are ssssooooo different.)

So for Texter, and the patterns she has been waiting for...

Bottom, left, Harley

and, of course, Tardis.  Maybe Lady K as a Darlek?

But the real ambitious one is going to be this one...

Yaya Han is like the top of the Who's Who in cosplay.  Savvy is all over this one.  But I am thinking 'black'.  Raven.  Face mask with feathers sweeping up over her head.  And maybe one white feather in the mask.  

But then there is also a more mundane cosplay outfit.  Both of the girls want something 'steampunk' and I have several patterns and ideas, both for them and for me.

The one of the left.  It has chains.  Of course, I have to figure in an outfit for myself.

Then there are the True Grit outfits I may or may not be making for the October Big Read at the library.  Still on hold for those.

But in the meantime, I have plans to make 2-3 of these in either wool or fleece to be able to throw on and go during the colder months coming up.  I can make large, so one-size-fits-all in the house.

It's a McCalls pattern and one of the quick and easy ones.

So lots of sewing coming up after the move!