Friday, April 22, 2016

April Progress

Between the coughing and hacking and general funk, I have managed to start catching up on some of the projects I need to get done.

I finished up the fourth block for the Bee Hive Swap (it's the top left one).  So staying on track there.  Should be interesting once I get all the other blocks done.

I finished the blocks for the RSC16 for April.  Although I did do them slightly backwards, but it's still the same pinwheel effect.

Since I decided to make a wedge based on the monthly colors, I have kept up.  I think this will be a great circle of color which I will appliqué on a white background as a large throw.

But best of all, I have started on Harley.

It's all cut out and I have finished the top.  The really simple part.  I have the bustle, skirt, corset and hooded shrug left to do.  But it will go quickly - maybe.  I am zigzagging the seam edges to make the finish a bit more polished.  So we will see how it goes.  I also have to stitch in black on the black and red on the red where it shows on the outside.  So not really that simple a sew.  AND I have to make sure I have black on the correct side and red on the correct side throughout the costume, as it makes a big difference.

My knit and swirl sweater is going slowly.  Really slowly.  But getting there.  And the Sari scarf just needs fringe added.

So things are getting done....slowly.

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