Sunday, November 15, 2015

One Project off the "List" - Canyon Cowl

Ok, so it's taken me several months to actually sit down and make this cowl.  Which is a shame, because it is actually a quick and easy project.  But I did it.  Even with having to find an additional skein of yard (thank you Ben Franklin Crafts) and a button for it.

I took it into work on Friday and handed it off to the person I was making it for.  She reluctantly allowed her picture to be taken in it.

Then I got a message later in the evening she had made it home and inside the door and then it 'disappeared'.

Someone else was happy with the cowl.  But now that one is finished, I can turn to the Fox Cowl for Texter.  And maybe, just maybe, the cowl above can be returned to it's original owner when she receives one of these...

The Failynn Fox Cowl by The Velvet Acorn is also where I got the pattern for the Canyon Cowl I have now made two of.  (oh, no, Lady K just saw I guess now 3 fox 'hats' are in the works!)

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