Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Thinking About 2016 (Already)

I have been thinking about where I want to go in 2016, especially in regard to my work with fabric and fibers and such.

A couple of things I am thinking about:

The Rainbow Scrappy Challenge 2016 hosted by Soscrappy.

Another challenge I am interested in is making a dent in my WIP's and UFO's.  I really admire Vicki Welsh and her variety of projects she works on, not just fabric things.

Of course, I am working on the 1930's Farmer's Wife QAL and the Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt 2015 and will probably do it again next November/December if she offers again.  But part of my 2016 is to reprioritize my projects and start moving through some of them.

I also have signed up already for the Bee Hive swap this year and have been assigned a "hive" and will start in January on this monthly swap.

With Lady K being in day care starting the first of the year so Texter can go to school and I can go to work, I will have some 'alone time' during the day to work on my projects (can you say excited!).  

Stay tuned for my plans for 2016!

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