Wednesday, January 6, 2016

100 Day Challenge

Since I find I work better with goals and breaking down projects into steps, I decided to join in with yet another challenge.

Sponsored by Jen at Quilter in the Closet, is a 100 day challenge to get three projects done and off your to-do list.

My three projects are as follows:
  • Finish the Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt top.  Right now I am about halfway through and really so close to the end it hurts.  But, knowing me, I will let other projects get in the way.  So I want the top finished so I can start looking for borders and backing. 
  • My thick purple socks.  The first sock has been in a state of suspended animation for a couple of years now.  I want them done so I have them to wear around the house this winter.  Texter doesn't like the yarn, says it's too rough, so hopefully they will remain on my feet.
  • "Harley Quinn" cosplay outfit for Texter.  I have the pattern and I want to do a muslin rough draft before I cut into the fabric (which I have, but some incidentals I still need to get).  And it's something I need to have finished by the end of May, but I also want to do a cosplay outfit for myself and for Lady K (and probably Savvy).  So I need to get sewing on this one first.

With reference to my sock project, the couple of socks I have started already...well, I have second-sock-syndrome.  So hopefully this challenge will cure me of it.

So 100 days and three projects.  Wish me luck!


  1. Judy, I love your goals! That Bonnie Hunter quilt is going to look fabulous! And the yarn for those socks looks so comfy and warm! You will be so happy to slip your feet into those! You can do this!!

  2. Great goals and I love those purple socks, beautiful and I may be biased as purple is my favorite color. You can get all three done in 100 days!

  3. I get ya! I too need to break down everything into little steps....look forward to joining you on this journey. Hope it cures your second sock that!

  4. Great challenges Judy, I know exactly what you mean about letting other projects get in the way!