Sunday, January 24, 2016

I Finished A Pair!

I have had the 'one sock syndrome' for ages.  In North Caroilna, in storage, is an unfinished pair, I'm sure.  But last night I did it!  I conquered the single sock and actually made a pair and have them on as I type this.

The pattern is Fiber Trends Railroad Rib Socks using Plymouth Yarn Encore Colorspun Worsted Weight Yarn in a purple variegated.  The pattern and yarn were recommended to me a couple of years ago by Pam at Pam's Knit and Stitch in Great Falls.  Luckily, I don't get to Great Falls often, otherwise I would have a ton more knitting projects on hand.

While this was done in a Plymouth Yarn, I just bought a really cute hat kit for Lady K, also from Plymouth Yarn.  The eyes, nose, and ears are already done for you and you knit the hat.  Really cute.  But the worsted weight yarn is, well, thin.  I started working with it and am really, really disappointed with the feel of it.  It would do for a hat for someone in Florida, not in Montana.  And in talking to Plymouth Yarns about my disappointment in the weight of the yarn, I was told to take it back to the place where I got it.  Problem is, it's two hours away and don't think I will be back there anytime soon.  When I advised them of this, they told me to call the store and make arrangements to mail it back.   No more Plymouth Yarns for me.  

So will have to pull out a Lion Brand yarn in a similar color I have on hand (I think) to knit the hat.  But that's for another day.

(Note:  this is also a project off my goals list for this quarter!)


  1. these are so pretty and I know they are warm -- great job

  2. Lovely socks. Lovely colour too.