Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Two Bags Full

One thing about being a seamstress/quilter/crafter, is when anyone offers you free fabric you take it.  Doesn't really matter what it might be, you haul it home.  I was gifted a couple of bags of fabric recently and brought it home, like a stray dog or cat, to take up residence.  

One of the pieces was about three yards of this...

Not sure what I could do with it and then it hit me!  I don't have curtains in my room and the green in the pattern matches the green of my walls.  My window in my bedroom is long and narrow, horizontally.  I really didn't want curtains to block out the east light completely, but needed something over the bare window.  

So with a few thumbtacks and about 10 minutes, it was hung over the window.

As Savvy says, very 'bohemian', a look I was going for.  Free and pretty are a great combination any day.

There are several pieces of upholstery fabric which I will hold onto to make bags or journal covers.  And a couple of pieces which might be turned into a Victorian-looking suit for cosplay.  The colors don't thrill me, but a package of dye might solve that problem.  And a lot of 'silky' fabric.

This is what I have planned for these two pieces.  And the lighter piece is about 5 yards, so I have plenty to then do this...

Out of some of the other pieces, I will make Savvy some little tees to wear with slacks and skirts, under a jacket or sweater, for work.

The downside to all this generosity is I now have several additional projects on my list.  And now I really want a serger for the seams on the tops, to make them more polished looking.  

I was strong and sorted out the fabric I don't want.  Now I have about half a bag to take to the thrift store for someone else to take home. 

So I am off to rearrange my project pile to accommodate the new projects.

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