Saturday, December 28, 2013

Fractured Grinch One Step Closer

"Fractured Grinch" was put on the back burner as I made 4 bags for Texter to use for herself and to give as gifts.  So since she and Lady K are in the Carolinas visiting family, I am using the time to get the blocks put together.

I moved my sewing machine upstairs to the living room so I could listen to the TV, sew and watch the birds at the feeders.  During the day it's great as I get a nice amount of light in the room.  However, at night, it does did dark.  

Friday and Saturday was spent sewing together most of the 410 squares together in order to come up with the 41 blocks.  The only problem with the fractured pattern is I couldn't really get it straight in my head, so I had to constantly refer to the pattern to be sure I had my block laid out correctly.

I finished up the blocks and laid them out based on the overall pattern.  Technically, to follow the pattern I need 7 more blocks, but I bought the fabric and then decided on the pattern, so I am using the fabric that I have.  I also have a lot of the small blocks left which I will use as a 'border' maybe.

Sorry for the dark picture, but I was taking this at night.  But it does highlight the light/dark of the blocks.  Mojo was no help in the process.  

I am going to wait until Texter is back before I decide on the final layout.  Right now I am deciding between splitting it into 2 lap quilts or one large almost-twin-sized quilt.  She has a good eye and gives some good insight into my projects.  If I split it into two quilts, they would be 4 x 5 feet.  One large quilt would be 5 x 8 feet.  

So right now I am tired and I think a milk shake would help!

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  1. Hi Judy, I also love to quilt but like you have not worked on a project or blogged about it for quite some time now. Reading through your posts is inspiring me though.