Friday, August 9, 2013

Can't Contain Myself

Ever have one of those days when you agreed to do something you really wanted to do, but when the day arrived you really didn't want to do it?  That was me on Tuesday.  I had signed up for a class at the Sewing Palace, "It's a Wrap" based on the book by the same title.  I was really jazzed to take the class, but when the time came to go, I was really dragging my feet.  But boy am I glad I went, dragging feet and all!

Maybe because it was two days after the end of BOW and I was still getting my energy back from such a fun weekend, but I threw together some scraps of fabric that I thought might go together, put "Stitchy" (my sewing machine) into her bag and off we went.

Ann taught the class and had tons of wonderful examples of the things you could do with this technique.  In fact, Indygo Junction has a pattern out that I am going to have to get because they have a lined purse using this method.

But this is my first attempt at a 'basket' made with fabric and clothesline.

I alternated a black fabric with yellow and red fabric and got this striped bowl.  It's about 8 inches across and about 6 inches tall. 

After yesterday, the colors remind me of a Western Tanager.  (I have birds on the brain lately, although there are those who would call me 'bird brained' anyway.)

Since I had cording left over, I pulled some more scraps from the box and made this one.

The bottom and top edge were dark green fabrics.  The main color was a striped fabric.  I wanted to see how stripes cam across in the process.   About 10 inches across and 7 inches tall, this is my 'grass' basket.

These are really easy to make, just a bit time consuming wrapping the fabric around the clothesline.  However, that makes for a great in front of the TV activity.  Once wrapped, all you have to do is sew and it goes relatively quickly.

There are 'tricks' involved to get the different shapes and I can't wait to get more clothesline and try it out.  I am really impressed by how study they really are.  They are not flimsy at all.  I have in my mind coasters, placemats, purses and more 'pots'.  In fact, Texter has already advised I will be making small baskets to put her Christmas gifts she is making in, color coordinated of course.

I can't wait to get more clothesline and embellish the pots with beads and fibers.  "It's a Wrap" is just a start for me.  Ann's examples she brought had my mouth watering and my head spinning with ideas.  Watching my classmates make their's and how different fabrics make for different looks is amazing.  

I am glad that I decided to take my dragging feet onto class.

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  1. You sew them with a machine or by hand? They are pretty cool. I recently was offered an opportunity to do something I've been thinking about for at least a year and now that its here... my feet can't decide if they should drag or run :)