Thursday, April 25, 2013

Baby Quilts

Right before Savvy was born 22 years ago, I made a simple baby quilt out of flannel and just tied it with yarn.  Savvy really didn't use it and Texter took it over when she was little.  She still has it...patches and all.  And Lady K has been wrapped in it since she arrived.  I did make her one blanket out of flannel where you expose the seams and let them fray, but these are in the style of her mother's blanket.

So I decided she needed some of her own.  Plus Joann's Fabrics was having a sale on flannel. 

Zombie Girl 

More traditional baby flannel

Texter and Lady K didn't let me finish tying the quilt.  Actually, Lady K might have to get older and fight her mother for the quilt as it covers both of them on the couch.

While the first quilt is sweet and more traditional, I love the zombie girls.  Pinky, girly, skulls, neon green.  It's fun.  I think Lady K will really love this one later on. 

The 'pattern' is actually very simple.  I buy a yard of the front and back fabric and trim the edges to square them up.  Then I buy a yard and a half for the borders and just cut strips about 6 inches wide.  I sew strips on the two narrower ends first and then up the longer sides.  With right sides together, I lay on the batting.  I use cotton batting which gives some body, but makes it cuddly.

Stitch around all 4 sides, leaving an opening on one side to turn the quilt.  Trim up the seams and batting and turn the quilt, poking out the corners.  I whip the opening closed by hand.  Then I tie the quilt with a coordinating yarn.  I like yarn rather than thread as it has more strength to it.  How you tie it depends on the pattern of the front.

This is a quilt that is quick and easy and I have made for friends who were having children or grandchildren.  With the flannel on sale, the fabric cost about $10.  Batting was about $5 as I had a large piece which I got at least 2 quilts out of and had a coupon for.  The yarn was some I had for another project and used since I don't need much.

But this makes the time and effort worthwhile.  Now if we can hide the Zombie Girls from her aunt. 

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